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NOW Lifestyle pre-launch, Leadership Building phase is in full force…

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I encourage you to check NOW Lifestyle out; see if it is a fit for your as strictly a customer, someone wanting to be kept in the loop, or someone who sees the tremendous value in NOW Lifestyle and makes the decision to enroll TODAY.

NOW LIfestyle - now is the time to signup

Above are two links, one where you sign up to be kept in loop, and the last one, takng you to the info page where you can decide (or not) to enroll to lock in your leadership position and enable you to start buidling your team (online and offline communities will benefit from NOW Lifestyle. The links are my affiliate, founding member links…

NOW LifestyleLooking to Shed Those Pounds

Looking for a Business that includes Fitness, Health & Earnings?

NOW Lifestyle – Danbury


Because of the interest arleady in a company in pre-launch phase, I wanted to share this with you. It’s something that surely needs to be considered by each business oriented entrepreneur when there is an interest in fitness and wellness, along with an opportunity to build a new business from the ground floor! — See what you think; I encourage you to click through to learn more!!

I am also providing updated information on my website, and encourage you to also check that out. Or, to save time, simply click on my link here, get signed up, and have more information sent directly to the email address of your choice.

I am an affiliate and an “All In” founding member of NOW Lifestyle and encourage everyone reading this post to take two minutes, sign up, see if NOW Lifestyle is for you, and if it is take the next step and enroll. Take action TODAY! to start down the path of better health, fitness, and a businNOW Lifestyle Danburyess building opportunity if that is of interest to you!

It is time to stop and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION towards starting your fitness and wellness improvements and include an opportunity to build a new business if you are looking for new opportunities!


Mike Conkey

Mike Conkey

Business Coach, Affiliate & Founding Member of NOW Lifestyle!

Video: Mike Conkey introducing NOW Lifestyle

Mike Conkey, All In Affiliate with NOW Lifestyle

Mike Conkey, Entrepreneur and a VIP “All In” Affiliate with NOW Lifestyle!

As an “All In” affiliate with NOW Lifestyle, I posted this video that I took with my Kindle Fire and uploaded it to my NOW Lifestyle Danbury FB page ( If you don’t know anything or very little about NOW Lifestyle, I encourage you to click my link where you can quickly registered to learn more and to be alerted when the pre-launch is coming to an end before the general public is alerted to the new opportunity. If you are looking for a business that combines fitness, wellness, and the potential to earn extra money, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to signup for NOW Lifestyle, and while you are at it, go “ALL IN” as I have to gain the maximum benefits. HOWEVER, to save over 90% on the sign-up for the VIP All In package, you want to do that before noon on 2/272017. Take ACTION now and I’ll see you on the inside. In the mean time I hope my video helps you with your decision!


NOW Lifestyle Webinar!

NOW Lifestyle – WEBINAR!

Check out this excellent webinar scheduled to take place this Saturday 2/25/2017 (more info below)!

<<<< >>>>

Now Lifestyle

Hear first-hand from a father and son team who have had tremendous success in bringing in new members to NOW Lifestyle, still in the pre-launch phase!

There is no obligation to attend other than to have an interest in learning more about NOW Lifestyle, the fitness, wellness, and earnings aspect of a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to make a difference in your lives for 2017

I’ll be on the webinar, hope you will too!

When: Saturday, February 25th 2017 at 11am Eastern, 10am Central, and 8am Pacific

…if you are unable to make the webinar and would like more information on NOW Lifestyle, please send a friend request via my Facebook page – (or via a private message on Twitter —

Thank you for taking the time to review my l and hopefully your decision to check out the webinar and NOW Lifestyle

Mike Conkey, an “All In” affiliate of NOW Lifestyle (it would be great to have you on the team)!

Posted 2/24/2017

What is NowLifestyle?

There is a new opportunity that mixes fitness, earnings, and results! Keeping this post short I’ll post several ads below with my link that will take you to Now Lifestyle so that you can learn more AND take advantage of the pre-release opporunity. I’d be happy to tell you more about the opportunity, which I am fully invested in!

As I’ve been looking for an opportunity that combines fitness while promoting good health, education, and earnings potential, I’ve invested in our future with Now Lifestyle. As the pre-enrollment is coming to an end, you may want to take a couple minutes to check it out to see if their might be a fit! Live, Love, Laugh…

Now Lifestylebanner_11_250x250
Now Lifestyle
Now Lifestyle
Now Lifestyle Now Lifestyle
As we move through our busy lives every so often an opportunity comes along that may change our lives IF we take the next step and learn more about it; and if it seems to be a fit worth pursuing, just do it (and ask questions later).
Mike Conkey


Your Success Depends On Doing Something Worthy

Your Success Depends on Your Approach to Sharing and Doing Something Worthy for Others

“Either WRITE SOMETHING worth reading or DO SOMETHING worth writing” ~Benjamin Franklin

As you focus on growing your business be sure to take the added time to ensure you are providing something of value to those you are targeting for your business opportunity. Without providing something worth doing (or writing), what do you hope to accomplish?

How successful do you really think you and your business will be? Focus on the long term, not the here and now; and while you are at it, focus on what value your customers and prospective customers and/or affiliates will gain from what you’ve shared with them!

As with any approach and path in life you decide to take, let your choices be based on providing value for yourself, for your family, and for others that cross or take the same path as you have. If you fail on that path, persist and take another path, and repeat the ‘process’ until you’ve reached the level of success and worthiness that you are capable of. Never give up…

Inspiration for you and your success
Believe in yourself, never give up regardless of the times where you’ve failed (or think you have). Refocus your efforts on your new path and persist until you’ve either achieved the success you were striving for, or until you determine that there is another path and focus adjustment needed.

Here’s to your personal and business success, and to those friends,affiliates, prospects, and customers who will benefit from the results they’ve anticipated from you.


Mike Conkey
Mike Conkey


Starting a Home-based Business – Find Your Niche First

Creating Your Own Niche For A Home-based Business

Action Takers Succeed in BusinessFor many these days it’s not easy to make ends meet, which is one key reason why many people are looking at home-based businesses with the goal of finding the right business to start that will help them ensure they have sufficient income to meet their monthly obligations. A home-based business can allow you the financial freedom to enjoy an added income stream, or a full time living if you make the right preparations and choose the right niche and business model.

One of the key ways to ensure that your home business is successful is to leverage the knowledge that you already have. For example, if you’ve been in sales, take advantage of your knowledge and experience in that profession and have a go at Internet marketing which applies the same principles, just different channels to reach a far wider audience.

If you have experience in consumer goods then choose a home business that is based on the same principles. You can often make just as much, if not more money than you would holding a nine to five job.

However, there are certain differences that need to be taken into account such as the fact that as a home business owner you are responsible for all your costs and other business obligations. This includes you medical care, your IRA, managing your taxes, licenses, etc. It is important that when you sit down to analyize your income potential that you are fairly certain that what appears to be a healthy income stream does in fact take these factors into account.Do your research

Before you start your home-based business you are going to want to make sure that your expenses are kept to a minimum, at least while you find your feet as a self-employed businessman or woman. Your home is the perfect base for your business since you already own it or are making monthly payments for the premises. However, you may have to upgrade some of the tools that you will be using to run the business.

For instance if you are using an Internet connection that is slow you may have to look at a different plan in order to have a faster connection for sending larger files and for communicating on the Internet in general. If you’re going to be running a business based on an Internet model where you host your own website with ecommerce functionality then you’re certainly going to have to improve your current technology infrastructure.

The good news is that there are plenty of service providers who can remove much of the burden from your shoulders. Finding a supplier of ecommerce functionality is actually extremely easy. And, website hosting services are very reasonable from many service companies. This may be a preferable option while the business is still in the start up phase, and possibly beyond.

For those who are slightly more at home with risk, there are other options such as becoming a day trader in stocks and bonds. This is a high risk business and certainly not a recipe for getting rich quickly. For every success story there are hundreds, if not thousands of disappointed investors.

So the golden rule should be followed: Stick with what you know, but use new tools to achieve your objectives. The reach of the Internet makes it easier than ever before to start your own home-based business. Here’s to your success whichever path you take!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, I hope you’ll share it with others!

Mike Conkey, Business Coach & Entrepreneur

Mike Conkey
Entrepreneur & Business Coach
Mike Conkey, Business Coach


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Starting Your Network Marketing Business – Work Your Warm Market List

Are you just getting started with your Network Marketing business?

Stcopyrighted imageill trying to determine which way you should go about introducing
your new business?

Your first step in starting your Network Marketing business and
getting it launched successfully is going to start with notifying
your “warm market” about your business. Your warm market consists of people who you know on a first name basis. Your sole objective is to let people know that you have a business; what it consists of and who you are looking for as customers and business partners.

You are simply notifying about your business and what each person
does with that knowledge is up to them. You are offering something
of value that you believe in; however the idea is not to bug or badger
anyone. Just notify!

This list should include immediate family, uncles, aunts, cousins,
etc., close friends, co-workers, church / organizations, former
co-workers, schoolmates, neighbors, everyone you know over 18, and
everyone else. Facebook is a great way to reconnect with those from
your past.

Here are some common misconceptions about notifying your warm

#1 – I need to know everything about the business before I contact
anyone. MLM is a simple business and there is not that much to
know. Your sponsor and upline are there to support you and provide
thier assistance. There are tools and systems offered by the company
that you will use to make this simple. Your excitement and
enthusiasm will go a long way with your prospect.

#2 – I want to be successful first, before I contact anyone I know.
As was stated before, you aren’t doing anything but notifying. That
is your one business obligation – let people know. If you can’t
start with that, where are you going to start and how are you going
to generate the success you want to get you to the point of letting
your friends and family know about your business?

We aren’t in the business of convincing, harassing or bugging
anyone. We are in the business of networking. We network our
products and our opportunity and provide more details to those who
are interested. That’s it.

In addition, you can at the same time take advantage of other
networking opportunities as they present themselves. At a ball game
and you meet a business acquaintance from a past business venture
or job, attending a Chamber of Commerce weekly meeting and you strike
up a conversation with one or more people during the lead swapping
session, these and many other networking opportunities will undoubtedly
present themselves in the beginning and throughout your business
building stages.

However, whatever you do, make and contact that Warm Market List
and launch your business.

Obtaining Mesothelioma Information and Resource Connections

September 26th 2014 – Mesothelioma Awareness Day… Be a Voice For The Victims

Where to Obtain Information on Mesothelioma – the Asbestos Cancer

Join us in Raising Awareness for the sufferers of Mesothelioma

Asbestos Cancer – Mesothelioma

Asbestos cancer is more commonly known as mesothelioma. Mesothelioma, the type of cancer most commonly associated with asbestos exposure. This cancer malignancy occurs in the lungs, heart, and abdomen. As noted on the website, “A mesothelioma diagnosis is generally classified as one of the following three types: pleural mesothelioma which occurs in the lining of the lungs (known as the pleura); peritoneal mesothelioma which occurs in the lining of the abdominal cavity (known as the peritoneum); and pericardial mesothelioma which occurs in the lining of the heart (known as the pericardium). Here’s a “Did You Know?” image (source unknown) that lists important facts: Did You Know Facts about Abestos & Mesothelioma the asbestos cancer? KEY FACT: NO AMOUNT of exposure to asbestos is safe!

KEY FACT: As of the post, there is no reliable cure for mesothelioma cancer.

The main focus for treating mesothelioma currently is providing treatment that reduces suffering and pain, and to prolong the patient’s life for as long as possible. Hopefully, the treatment will provide the person with the highest quality of life that is possible.

What can you do if you suspect you or a loved one may have been exposed to asbestos and fear they may be suffering from mesothelioma? Talk to your (or their) personal physician regarding your concerns; they may refer you to a comprehensive cancer center where doctors specializing in recognizing and treating mesothelioma.

There is also an information packet available from that you may want to have sent to you or the person you are helping find answers for. There is a simple registration request form on the site, click here for one of the pages where you can request the packet of information.

Another valuable service that provides is their “Treatment Alert Program” that you can sign up for to receive alerts with 24 hours of breaking news, announcements of breakthroughs and improvements in treatments. The alerts include the option to receive alerts on: Newest clinical trials; breaking treatment news, and information from top mesothelioma experts. Filling out your contact information for these alerts also completes the necessary information to have the informational packet sent to you.

Treatment options

Here are treatment options that are covered on the website:

Conventional Treatments – these include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Experimental Treatments – drug treatments (e.g., Alimta®), gene therapy, immunotherapy, photodynamic and multimodality therapy.

Alternative Mesothelioma Treatment Options – click the link to see the full list of alternative treatments that may be of help when looking for alternative choices.

Treatment for mesothelioma is based on the stage that the cancer has progressed to at the time of first being diagnosed with the asbestos cancer. Click here for details…


The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog

Mesothelioma Community Network


Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance on Twitter

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance on Google+

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance on Facebook


It is our hope that the information provided in this post will be passed on to others and that the information has provided a glimpse into this asbestos caused cancer, raising awareness and motivating folks to learn more about this cancer and ways to prevent it, and to help move to a full ban on the use of asbestos in the United States and throughout the world.

September 26, 2014 Mesothelioma Awareness Day

Thank you, please be sure to mark your calendar September 26, 2014, Mesothelioma Awareness Day and in some way please show your support for those suffering from mesothelioma!

Mike Conkey, Entrepreneur

Mike Conkey
Business Systems Analyst
Internet & Network Marketer
Affiliate Marketer Mike Conkey –

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