Guiding Questions For High Performance

Brendon Burchard’s “6 Guiding Questions For High Performers

Be sure to check out Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy for insight in what it takes to be a high performer (in any line of work or business you are involved with).

Brendon recommends asking yourself the following questions, several times a day. And, on the page that he provided to his readers, he recommends keeping the page near your computer or work area to remind yourself of what you need to focus on as you work to become more, achieve more, and to serve (others) more.

Purchased photoHere are the 6 guiding questions for high performance:


  • What is my mission today?
  • What must I accomplish today to progress my life?


  • Am I living my truth?
  • What three words really define who I am as a person?
  • What three words should define how I should interact with others?


  • Am I demonstrating bold enthusiasm when I seek to influence others?


  • Am I rested and fully hydrated? Am I sleeping, eating, exercising, and hydrating enough to have the energy I deserve?


  • What level am I in this moment in terms of my emotional and physical vibrancy and presence?


  • How can I serve greatly?

Brendon also recommends to “Beware of the Inbox! It’s nothing but a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas. Your goal is to always keep the main thing the main thing in your life, whatever it may be. Focus today. Use your psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasion skills to amplify your energy and results. It’s your time TODAY; Live Love Matter. ” Brendon Burchard, Founder of High Performance Academy.

When you visit his site he has a number of free videos for you to view.

Words of wisdom from Brendon Burchard…

“Forgiving is so simple. It’s literally just a decision. No justification or cause has to happen, and forgiving does not have anything to do with accepting the other person’s behavior, approving of it, justifying it, rationalizing it, or understanding it. Forgiveness is just a spiritual power in dropping the weight of negativity , of the negative emotion and energy around you. It’s time to just let it go.” Brendon Burchard


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