Pre-launch, Leadership Building Phase – Are you In?

NOW Lifestyle pre-launch, Leadership Building phase is in full force…

…with thousands of members already. I would hate to see you miss this ground-floor, founding member, leader team building opportunity!

I encourage you to check NOW Lifestyle out; see if it is a fit for your as strictly a customer, someone wanting to be kept in the loop, or someone who sees the tremendous value in NOW Lifestyle and makes the decision to enroll TODAY.

NOW LIfestyle - now is the time to signup

Above are two links, one where you sign up to be kept in loop, and the last one, takng you to the info page where you can decide (or not) to enroll to lock in your leadership position and enable you to start buidling your team (online and offline communities will benefit from NOW Lifestyle. The links are my affiliate, founding member links…

NOW LifestyleLooking to Shed Those Pounds

Looking for a Business that includes Fitness, Health & Earnings?

NOW Lifestyle – Danbury


Because of the interest arleady in a company in pre-launch phase, I wanted to share this with you. It’s something that surely needs to be considered by each business oriented entrepreneur when there is an interest in fitness and wellness, along with an opportunity to build a new business from the ground floor! — See what you think; I encourage you to click through to learn more!!

I am also providing updated information on my website, and encourage you to also check that out. Or, to save time, simply click on my link here, get signed up, and have more information sent directly to the email address of your choice.

I am an affiliate and an “All In” founding member of NOW Lifestyle and encourage everyone reading this post to take two minutes, sign up, see if NOW Lifestyle is for you, and if it is take the next step and enroll. Take action TODAY! to start down the path of better health, fitness, and a businNOW Lifestyle Danburyess building opportunity if that is of interest to you!

It is time to stop and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION towards starting your fitness and wellness improvements and include an opportunity to build a new business if you are looking for new opportunities!


Mike Conkey

Mike Conkey

Business Coach, Affiliate & Founding Member of NOW Lifestyle!

Video: Mike Conkey introducing NOW Lifestyle

Mike Conkey, All In Affiliate with NOW Lifestyle

Mike Conkey, Entrepreneur and a VIP “All In” Affiliate with NOW Lifestyle!

As an “All In” affiliate with NOW Lifestyle, I posted this video that I took with my Kindle Fire and uploaded it to my NOW Lifestyle Danbury FB page ( If you don’t know anything or very little about NOW Lifestyle, I encourage you to click my link where you can quickly registered to learn more and to be alerted when the pre-launch is coming to an end before the general public is alerted to the new opportunity. If you are looking for a business that combines fitness, wellness, and the potential to earn extra money, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to signup for NOW Lifestyle, and while you are at it, go “ALL IN” as I have to gain the maximum benefits. HOWEVER, to save over 90% on the sign-up for the VIP All In package, you want to do that before noon on 2/272017. Take ACTION now and I’ll see you on the inside. In the mean time I hope my video helps you with your decision!