Starting Your Network Marketing Business – Work Your Warm Market List

Are you just getting started with your Network Marketing business?

Stcopyrighted imageill trying to determine which way you should go about introducing
your new business?

Your first step in starting your Network Marketing business and
getting it launched successfully is going to start with notifying
your “warm market” about your business. Your warm market consists of people who you know on a first name basis. Your sole objective is to let people know that you have a business; what it consists of and who you are looking for as customers and business partners.

You are simply notifying about your business and what each person
does with that knowledge is up to them. You are offering something
of value that you believe in; however the idea is not to bug or badger
anyone. Just notify!

This list should include immediate family, uncles, aunts, cousins,
etc., close friends, co-workers, church / organizations, former
co-workers, schoolmates, neighbors, everyone you know over 18, and
everyone else. Facebook is a great way to reconnect with those from
your past.

Here are some common misconceptions about notifying your warm

#1 – I need to know everything about the business before I contact
anyone. MLM is a simple business and there is not that much to
know. Your sponsor and upline are there to support you and provide
thier assistance. There are tools and systems offered by the company
that you will use to make this simple. Your excitement and
enthusiasm will go a long way with your prospect.

#2 – I want to be successful first, before I contact anyone I know.
As was stated before, you aren’t doing anything but notifying. That
is your one business obligation – let people know. If you can’t
start with that, where are you going to start and how are you going
to generate the success you want to get you to the point of letting
your friends and family know about your business?

We aren’t in the business of convincing, harassing or bugging
anyone. We are in the business of networking. We network our
products and our opportunity and provide more details to those who
are interested. That’s it.

In addition, you can at the same time take advantage of other
networking opportunities as they present themselves. At a ball game
and you meet a business acquaintance from a past business venture
or job, attending a Chamber of Commerce weekly meeting and you strike
up a conversation with one or more people during the lead swapping
session, these and many other networking opportunities will undoubtedly
present themselves in the beginning and throughout your business
building stages.

However, whatever you do, make and contact that Warm Market List
and launch your business.

You will Want to Develop a Loyal Customer Base

As you have may have looked into starting your own home-based
business and considered Network Marketing as a niche that might
be good for you, it is more than likely that you have been told that
Network Marketing isn’t about selling; it’s simply sharing, but
what successful business do you know of that doesn’t have customers?
Yes, we share, and those who are successful have no issue with sales.
Do you want to be successful?

Then don’t be afraid of the word – SALES! It’s not a dirty word.
Sales goes on everyday and you are a part of it in some way every
day. Why not profit from it yourself, since you offer great
products and you believe in those products.

Big checks are created through sales volume and there is no better
way to create sales volume than to develop a few, loyal customers
and teaching others to do the same. People will stay in the business
when they have success, and that first success of getting a
customer goes a long way to securing everyone’s future.

Lets get this team motivated

After all, not everyone you know is going to want to get involved
in the business. In fact, most won’t. But a strong number of those
people will be interested in trying out your products, service, or
other business-related opportunity.

Set a goal of finding ten to fifteen customers. These are people
who just use your products and/or services and are not interested
in the opportunity. Give away sample products, provide free training
webinars and then ask for an order.

Give a demo to or hold a webinar for ten or fifteen friends and
acquaintances, along with a catalog order form (or sign-up sheet on
your Website or blog), and see what happens!

Get customers yourself and teach your team to do the same and your
volume (and checks) will skyrocket.

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What is Leadership in Network Marketing / MLM?

What does leadership really mean in a business such as Network
Marketing and what is required to be a leader? Who defines

If you think about leadership as having a group to lead, then to
what are you leading them, and for what purpose?

Leadership and success comes from developing yourself and
at the same time sharing what you’ve learned in the development of others.
In M L M, this is not a difficult task, and it is what will set you apart from the
others. And, in the MLM type of business, leadership is key to building
a team of motivated, energized, and focused partners.

LEAD your team to the tools of success. These don’t have to be
tools developed by you. Just make sure they are tools that have
stood the test of time and have proven effective. Start with your
company and upline tools.

Get your partners involved in the team environment. Bring them
together at meetings, on conference calls, email discussions, etc.

Lead authentically, by being the REAL you and not some made up
person. Share both your strengths and your weaknesses. Communicate
openly and honestly. You don’t have to be perfect, just be
authentic. Acknowledge mistakes and always strive to do the best
you can.

Let your leadership evolve and develop around the needs of those
you lead, and the desires you have to take on this role. Follow
your own values and lead your team along the path you have chosen
together, based on mutual values and desires.

What difference can you make TODAY in helping your team members
realize their financial and personal goals, and in your leadership?

Mike Conkey, VIP Member & Reseller
Pure Leverage
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