Pure Leverage’s Online Marketing Masters Workshop – intro video

Thought I’d take a couple minutes to provide you with my high level overview of the valuable Online Marketing Masters Workshop that Pure Leveraged introduced Septembers 26th, 2013 during the FREEDOM event in Las Vegas!
Online Marketing Masters Workshop
Online Marketing Masters Workshop
…to learn more about the Online Marketing Masters Workshop you’ll want to register your name and email address and you’ll learn more about Pure Leverage and the Online Marketing Masters Workshop. And, I’d be glad to follow-up your registration with an online chat via my Facebook.com account — facebook.com/mikeconkeybiz

Join the Webinar & learn about the new Online Marketing Masters Workshop!

Online Marketing Masters Workshop

Pure Leverage presents the Online Marketing Masters Workshop

I hope you have some time tonight Thursday 10/3/2013 – 8 p.m. the Webinar kicks off and a very important announcement is being made regarding the newly launched Online Marketing Masters Workshop!

Link to the webinar that starts at 8 p.m. Eastern… http://www.gvoacademy.com/live/?id=mikeconkey2

You’ll learn more about the product and the opportunity, and hear from key members of the Pure Leverage Advisory Council.

Check it out and let me know what you think!!

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P.S.S. If you missed the Webinar on the Online Marketing Masters Workshop, my blog will have updates regarding the great product and opportunities. Stay tuned… (Thanks for visiting my blog!)