A Three Step System For Sponsoring

A Three Step System For Sponsoring

Successful sponsoring new members into your Network Marketing business is
simple when you have a three step system to follow. A three step
system is simply having three, pre-determined steps in mind on how
you are going to guide your prospect through your company and product
overview. This way, you always know what the next step is, and you
can let your prospect know in advance as well.

New member joins your team

This follows a simple system that is already in place should
your prospect decide to join you in business. Someone exploring
your business will know what will be expected of him or her.

A three step system may look like this:

Step 1 – Call the prospect and dial into a recorded message or
join a Webinar together with your prospect as your guest.

Step 2 – The prospect visits the company’s or your website to go
through a presentation of the business details along with a
select list of some of the products’ (or product) benefits for
them and their own potential prospects.

Step 3 – You follow up with a phone call or an Internet chat (maybe
even a Skype call) to answer any questions they may have.This might
also include , 3 way call or online chat with your upline, and result
in obtaining their sign up to the program and opportunity.

It should be easy for you to develop a three step system that fits
with your opportunity. You might skip the more extensive approaches
(i.e. IM online, Skype calls, etc) initially until you are comfortable
with your basic 3-step system. Check with your sponsor or upline if you
need assistance, and to hear what has worked for them.

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